Fred Eppright


Fred Eppright leads FTM Investments and co-founded Impact Cares Foundation, which is engaged in humanitarian efforts in Haiti and Ukraine. Raised in South Texas, he holds a BA in accounting from Texas A&I University and resides in Austin with his wife Paula. With extensive experience in real estate, Fred’s ethos centers on excellence, integrity, and stewardship; values now reflected in Parable’s pursuit of quality winemaking. Fred’s deep affinity for the land underscores his belief in farming as the essence of winemaking.

Trey Eppright

Managing Partner

At 15, Trey Eppright’s wine journey began with a sip of Champagne, a moment that ignited a lifelong passion. By 21, he immersed himself in wine research, discovering Wine Library TV and exploring Napa Valley’s renowned wineries. Despite pursuing a family real estate career, Trey’s fascination with wine endured. It wasn’t until 2013, after experiencing the allure of world-class wineries firsthand, that he resolved to enter the wine industry. Inspired by his love for wine and farming, Trey relocated to Napa Valley, where he, alongside his father Fred and brother Matt, established Parable Wines. This venture marks the culmination of Trey’s longstanding dream, propelled by his unwavering dedication to crafting exceptional wines. Today, Parable stands as a testament to Trey’s journey from a transformative sip of Champagne to the realization of his winemaking aspirations.

Matt Eppright

Chief Financial Officer

In his brief tenure in the wine industry, Matt discovered the joy within, remarking, “The wine business is the happiest.” His journey began three years ago when his family ventured into winemaking in Napa Valley, where discontent is scarce. Admitting his initial aversion to wine, Matt’s perspective shifted upon assuming the role of CFO at Parable. Previously intent on computer science, he pursued finance instead, later earning an MBA. Balancing responsibilities across his family’s real estate ventures and Parable, Matt wears multiple hats, overseeing finance, accounting, and contracting. Outside work, he indulges in wake surfing on Lake Austin and culinary pursuits. Contrary to Austin, Napa’s crawfishing season aligns intriguingly with its renowned wine culture.

Brian Kelleher

General Manager

Brian Kelleher assumed the role of Parable Wines’ General Manager in 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience. Formerly Senior Vice President of Sales at Adobe Road Winery and GM at Elizabeth Spencer Wines, he navigated businesses through challenges with finesse. With over two decades in the wine industry, his expertise spans various disciplines, from sales and marketing to vineyard relations. Joining Parable during a pivotal moment, Kelleher is committed to enhancing sales and marketing strategies, shaping the company’s organizational framework. Beyond his professional endeavors, he finds fulfillment in coaching a softball team and cherishing moments with his family.

Kale Anderson


Renowned winemaker Kale Anderson, known for his tenure at esteemed wineries such as Pahlmeyer and Cliff Lede, embarked on his own venture, Kale Wines, in 2008. With a background in viticulture and enology from UC Davis, he has crafted award-winning wines, including Pahlmeyer’s top-rated Cabernet Sauvignon. Inspired by nature’s nuances, he employs both modern and traditional methods to capture the essence of each vineyard. Balancing artistry with scientific precision, Anderson crafts wines that reflect their terroir with finesse. Through his consulting business, Kale Wine Consulting, he shares his expertise with brands like Parable, fostering excellence in winemaking. Passionate about diversity and authenticity, Anderson’s wines offer a captivating journey of flavors and expressions.

Jane Aitong Jiang

Assistant Winemaker

Jane Aitong Jiang’s journey in winemaking began during her undergraduate years at UC Davis where she pursued a double major in viticulture and enology alongside economics. With a passion for crafting exceptional wines, she honed her skills at renowned wineries like Anaba, Beaulieu Vineyard, and Beringer Vineyards. Her global experience extends to wineries in Australia, including Kirrihill wines. In 2021, Jane embarked on the revitalization of Duncan Peak Vineyards in Mendocino, while also balancing a role at Brasswood Cellar. In 2022, she joined Kale Wine Consulting and assumed the position of assistant winemaker at Parable Wines, further enriching her expertise in the art of winemaking.